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Morgan Manifacier - Grande
CD Album
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Morgan Manifacier


Tape Club Records

Released: 14th March 2011 | 10 track americana album
Morgan Manifacier releases his debut album 'Grande' via Tape Club Records on March 14th. Manifacier is a singer-songwriter who grew up in the small-town brushes of southern France, learning piano and guitar from a young age; he taught himself the subtle beauty of music, which he now combines with a modern approach to song-making to release 'Grande'. From France he moved to California where he met, supported and joined a community of local musicians, with whom he could expand his ideas of song-writing and begin to form the tracks that would eventually become a collection of songs that slowly burn into a fire-pit of sensational melodies. The delicacy of Manifacier's material was partly down to inspiration, party to environment, many of the songs being born and developed in coffee shops across The Valley, where he would woo crowds in two languages through his yielding, mournful voice and unconditional passion. His first EP, The Seed Became A Tree, was recorded at the Modesto Sound Studio in California with the help of local Californian artists, and went on to receive high praise from tastemaker press across France, bringing him to the attention of Tape Club Records in the UK. Morgan then wrote and recorded 'Grande' by finding quiet places within the crowd of his Oakland campus where he's currently enrolled as a music student. The music he has compiled adds softness to a very exciting movement in home recording, offering a traditional voice to the ballistic new wave of noise spearheaded by artists like James Blake and Pantha du Prince. The album speaks about solitude, travel, death, love, and everything else worth the emotion needed to generate an idea behind a song. Taking its title from Manifacier grandfather's surname, 'Grande' represents the only safe-haven Morgan had known in his childhood, and now honors the songs that have shaped him as an adult.