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Matt Robertson - Entology
Out 16th November 2018
12" Vinyl
Out 16th November 2018

Matt Robertson


Tape Club Records

Expected: 16th November 2018 | 9 track electronic album

Composer, synthesist and producer Matt Robertson is set to release his new album 'Entology' via Tape Club Records on 16th November 2018. It follows his warmly received 2016 album 'In Echelon'; described by MOJO as Nils Frahm's modern classical meets Jon Hopkins' grainy techno, an album of symphonic electronica and leftfield techno thats cinematic in scale in Mixmag and magnificent wild sound by The Line Of Best Fit.

As musical director for Björk, Cinematic Orchestra and Anohni as well as working with Lamb, Emiliana Torrini and Bat For Lashes; Matt has a wealth of experience collaborating with some of the most exciting artists in the world. Working with a collection of vintage, modern and DIY synths, and combining electronic music production with classical composition and cinematic soundscapes - artists, producers and film composers alike seek his enveloping and distinct sound.

I love the idea that not so very long ago, the idea that a species could become extinct at all was laughed at. In the 17th century, fossils were believed to be from mythical creatures like dragons. In 1796, George Cuvier presented the idea that a species could have existed and now no longer existed, and he was laughed at by scientists. Darwin then suggested that evolution did not need catastrophic events to explain extinction - more that it was due to perpetual competition in an overcrowded world.

I'm adopting the word Entology to be an awareness of our current period of geological time being an extinction period, where an extinction period is defined as a time when a significant proportion of species die in a geologically insignificant amount of time. I was trying to imagine the obvious desolate spaces of a post apocalyptic world, but also the slightly more opaque vision of the fact that so many things are becoming extinct around us without us noticing, or even being aware of their existence in the first place.

The idea is of desolation but, because of the awareness, also of hope.

- Matt Robertson

"Nils Frahm’s modern classical meets Jon Hopkins’ grainy techno"
"an album of symphonic electronica and leftfield techno thats cinematic in scale"
"magnificent wild sound"
The Line Of Best Fit