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Future Loop Foundation - Sunshine Philosiphy EP
12" Vinyl
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Future Loop Foundation

Sunshine Philosiphy EP

Louisiana Recordings

Released: 30th July 2007 | 3 track single
In anticipation of the forthcoming LP ‘Memories from a Fading Room’, Future Loop Foundation, aka Mark Barrott, has recruited some of contemporary dance music’s finest to remix parts of the album. The second installment is this, the grandiose ‘Sunshine Philosophy’ . The original is a reflective rapture, wonderfully saturated with sound. Teeming with soaring strings, soothing droplets of melody and stirring samples, it lifts euphorically to ethereal summer bliss. To follow, the seminal DJ duo Rob Da Bank and Chris Coco collaborate. Their remix of ‘Sunshine Philosophy’ is propelled with luscious picked guitar, heart-warming samples and a driving rhythm above a tide of swimming strings and synth. Yorkshire native Hiem forges a wonderfully eccentric interpretation of ‘Garden Communities’, with the staccato dynamics and competing chimed melodies giving the track an aesthetic more Shanghai than Sheffield. To conclude, Beauty Room wind us down with their take on ‘Everything As It Should Be’. Rousing strings and melancholic choral harmonies resolve a reflective downtempo reverie, conjured by the whir of a lone film projector. Fittingly, a video for 'Sunshine Philosophy' constitutes part of an upcoming DVD release in which BAFTA nominee Annie Watson edits Super8 footage of Mark's childhood to the lush soundtrack of FLF. Check out the video here: Yet more interpretations of album tracks by some of the best producers from downtempo and electronic music will be released this summer, with mixes from Go! Team and Tunng still to come.