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The Correspondents - Fear & Delight

The Correspondents

Fear & Delight


Released: 6th December 2013 | 1 track new wave single

The Correspondents occupy a curious position within the world of music. For the last four years they have toured relentlessly with an average of three gigs a week, they have travelled the world bringing their unique live show to crowds as large as 12,000 earning themselves Telegraph's 'Top Ten Glastonbury Highlights' two years in a row, but they haven't released an album until now.

This is not for a lack of making music, their live sets are constantly evolving as they leap through a multitude of genres tapping a history of dance music from jazz and blues to electro and drum 'n' bass. Producer Chucks and singer Mr Bruce have condensed this accumulation of musical knowledge into a body of music that they are finally satisfied with in their forthcoming album 'Puppet Loosely Strung'.

Telegraph - For crowd atmosphere, energy and a burst of endorphins. The Correspondents won hands down. The band is made up of Chucks, a producer and DJ of extraordinary skill and Mr Bruce, the most charismatic frontman I watched all weekend.... Go and see them live if you can.

The single is accompanied by a perplexing video that explores the limits of a new technique in filmmaking, pioneered by an emerging director. Naren Wilks describes his process as using 'composited camera' (multiple cameras acting as one), to depict the same action from different viewpoints. The combined footage describes a space in which synchronised multiples exist in a rotationally symmetric, kaleidoscopic dimension. Seeing is believing. His previous films have picked up multiple awards but 'Fear and Delight' has been his most ambitious project to date.

In honour of 'Fear and Delight's' release, The Correspondents will be taking their infectious live show to Brighton, London and Bristol over the next few weeks with a load more gigs confirmed. If you haven't already, now is the time to see for yourself their trademark performance.