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The Correspondents - Puppet Loosely Strung
CD Album
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The Correspondents

Puppet Loosely Strung


Released: 10th March 2014 | 12 track electropop album

The Correspondents are proud to announce the release of their eagerly anticipated debut album, 'Puppet Loosely Strung', this March via From Our Own.

The Correspondents occupy a curious position within the world of music. For the last four years they have toured relentlessly with an average of three gigs a week, they have travelled the world bringing their unique live show to crowds as large as 12,000 earning themselves Telegraph's 'Top Ten Glastonbury Highlights' two years in a row, but they haven't released an album until now.

'Puppet Loosely Strung' is the long-awaited culmination of years of musical experience from the exceptionally talented duo, consisting of producer, Chucks, and singer, Mr Bruce. Those lucky enough to have witnessed their inimitable live show will be fully aware of the high voltage performances the pair are capable of. Their live sets are constantly evolving as they leap through a multitude of genres, tapping a history of dance music from jazz and blues to electro and drum 'n' bass.

'Puppet Loosely Strung' sees the charismatic duo develop this unique sound that has garnered them so much acclaim on the live circuit and reveals the fascinating, multifaceted nature of their music. While a handful of tracks on the LP feature regularly on the group's tried and tested set list, including firm fan favourite 'Well Measured Vice', the other half of the album exposes another side of The Correspondents - one that is more introspective, contrasting with the highly-energetic, drum and bass inspired sound that thrills audiences worldwide.

One need only listen to the first two singles to be taken from their debut to see the extent of the contrast on show here. While 'Fear and Delight' sees the duo developing their trademark sound of upbeat, genre-mashing alternative pop, second single, 'Alarm Call', reveals itself to be a more personal and poignant affair and sees frontman Mr Bruce show the incredible range and tone of his voice. The singer moves effortlessly between the bold, rousing chorus, before quasi-whispering the emotional mid-section: I'm haunted by the sound of your alarm call - this is goosebump-raising fare.

Exploring feelings of excitement and frustration - the sort that only love and lust can bring - the band of two make a big sound on this album which is cinematic in scope and has the ability to both fill dancefloors with its thunderous drum sequences and rouse deep emotion with its poignant lyrical content.

The singles released ahead of this LP are accompanied by music videos which are unique in style and pioneering in technique. The video for 'Fear and Delight' was made using a 'composite camera' technique by visionary film-maker Naren Wilks, allowing numerous versions of Mr Bruce to dance kaleidoscopically in the same space.

The visuals for heartwrenching ballad, 'Alarm Call', were produced by the frontman himself, using time lapse and stop motion techniques to chart the lives of two characters over a 21 year period through a series of layered oil portraits. The latter was made to raise awareness and funds for The Epilepsy Society.

'Puppet Loosely Strung´ is bold, vast, emotional, dance-worthy and cinematic - all in equal measure. The long wait for this debut is finally over and with this release, The Correspondents prove themselves to be one of the most extraordinary bands of the moment.