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The Correspondents - Foolishman
CD Album

The Correspondents



Released: 22nd September 2017 | 13 track electropop album

Following on from their more introspective 2014 album release Puppet Loosely Stung the Correspondents come out with thier 2nd Long player, Foolishman in 2017. It rediscovers their energetic multi-genred approach. Older, wiser, better looking and less inclined to take themsleves seriously, the sound they create is increasingly so[histicated and designed for the dance floor.

"Top Ten Glastonbury highlight 2 years in a row"
The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph
"Everytime i think i have worked out there sound they come back and surprise me"
Steve Lamaq, Radio Six
"Bundles of fun, and the surprise success of Wilderness Festival 2017"
The Times, The Times