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Rosy Parlane - Jessamine

Rosy Parlane



Released: 27th November 2006 | 3 track minimal/glitch single
Rosy Parlane [NZ]'s previous album for Touch, 'Iris' [2004] was hailed as a masterpiece by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist, John Frusciante, who wrote:’s such an incredible, beautiful energy inside of it that to me, it sounds like listening to a great pop record or a great rock record or a great classical record or whatever. With 'Jessamine', Rosy develops these themes, and continues to incorporate new musical elements from unconventional as well as orchestral instrumentation. To him, everything is an instrument: from household objects to nature sounds. But it is the human element which gives his work such a distinctive sound. Ranging from ambient to noise, he gives full rein to textures of living; to start, languid and mournful; later harsh and assertive. 'Jessamine' is a magnificent follow-up to a classic Touch debut.