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Philip Jeck and Jacob Kirkegaard



Released: 30th September 2002 | 7 track avant-garde album
This recording is taken from their live performance at the Moers Jazz Festival, Germany, in May 2002 'There are grains of truth in the suggestion that, in moving, you may find yourself in or out of some one's favour. But, listen to the slow, delicate, even introspective background: some breeze, some chimes, some distant thunder as each focal point remains a lament.' This blistering work was recorded live at the Moers Jazz Festival, Germany, in May 2002 and follows hot on the heels of Philip Jeck's highly acclaimed 'Stoke' [Touch # TO:56, 2002], about which The Wire said 'Philip Jeck has always been good, but Stoke makes him great? and Side-Line wrote: 'an essential record for the lovers of meaningful experimental and ambient stuff!'. Jacob Kirkegaard is a member of Danish combo Aeter who work in a mixed media context. He was born in Denmark, 1975 and is currently studying at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. Germany. He has taken part in numerous festivals throughout Europe, playing live, improvising with samplers and other electronics, as he does on this recording . Philip Jeck, meanwhile, sticks to his turntables. He started experimenting with record players back at school in the 1960s, later won the Time Out Performance Award for 'Vinyl Requiem' [1993] and has released 3 solo albums for Touch: 'Loopholes' [TO:26], 'Surf' [TO:36] and the abovementioned 'Stoke'. He lives and works in Liverpool.'