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Eyal Talmudi & Roy Chen - Saved My Eyes From Tears
Vinyl LP

Eyal Talmudi & Roy Chen

Saved My Eyes From Tears

Raw Tapes Records

Released: 24th October 2014 | 11 track fusion album

This album wrote itself. It was time for a change in life, and music followed. Like it should be, drums came first to set the tempo and style. Then friends just laid keys, samples and most importantly (and for the first time for me) - lyrics. So true and honest. Still it's hard for me to believe how easy it was to just let it happen. Thank you, loved ones, for just showing up at the right moment. -- Eyal Talmudi // There was magic around the recoding of this album. From laying down Roy's first massive drum takes, the studio filled up with energy, vibrating straight to Talmudi's abstract and beautiful saxophone melodies. We created a very dynamic and high end set up in Kicha Studios, Tel Aviv; it was a pleasure for the guest musicians on the album, who jumped right in the sessions and gave an amazing input. I feel that the album is intensive and comforting, made by good friends together yet still full of real and happy loneliness. -- Rejoicer //