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Charlie Hunter And Bobby Previ - Groundtruther Latitude
CD Album
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Charlie Hunter And Bobby Previ

Groundtruther Latitude

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 25th October 2004 | 11 track pop album
Latitude' is the exciting first entry into a very special trilogy of recordings for Thirsty Ear's Blue Series: an ongoing collaboration between Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte, two unique and formidable musicians with reputations that precede them. Each album is made special with the addition of a different guest, so that each recording documents a fresh and unique trio. Charlie Hunter is well-known as the world-class master of his custom-made 8-string guitar, on which he fills the role not only of guitarist but bassist as well. Bobby Previte is a drummer, composer and leader who has gained great critical recognition for all facets of his musicianship. Greg Osby is a Blue Note recording artist who, in addition to his own success as a leader, has lent his lyrical blowing skills on the alto sax to the music of such luminaries as Jack Dejohnette, Andrew Hill, Steve Coleman, and Jim Hall. On 'Latitude' Osby's lyricism is morphed into countless shapes and colors, underpinned by revite's use of electronic drums to trigger samples live and employ his percussion as a tonal instrument that intertwines with Hunter's endless rhythmic flow and funky melodicism. The result is a sound that speaks to jazz fans on both sides of the avantgarde/ mainstream divide, as well as those who enjoy electronica or the jam-band scene. 'Latitude' is a great omen of what is to come in the rest of the trilogy.'
" positive review in December issue"
Jazz Times
" a long time coming, Hunter delivers"
San Francisco Weekly
"It's quite a trick to maintain a jazz method for artistry and technique, avoid cliches and gimmicks, and still come out smelling clean."
Time Out Chicago
"...a great run of very interesting, very new sounds in jazz, and Longitude is another winner"
All Music Guide
"THE free-improv jungle/drum n bass psych-metal groove disc of 2005- don't miss it"
"jazzy, lounge-y and full of rich musical passages"
Pulse Weekly