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Big Satan - Souls Saved Here
CD Album
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Big Satan

Souls Saved Here

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 25th October 2004 | 9 track pop album
Style: Modern Jazz/Free Improvisation - Personnel: Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Marc Ducret (guitar), Tom Rainey (drums) BIG SATAN: TIM BERNE (ALTO SAXOPHONE), MARC DUCRET (GUITAR), TOM RAINEY (DRUMS) - The trio recorded the '97 classic jazz piece 'I Think They Liked It Honey? (winter & winter). TOM RAINEY (DRUMS) arguably the most consistently inventive drummer on the scene today, able to turn on a dime from extreme free-based improvisation to challenging rhythmic structures. Recording with the likes of pianist Fred Hersch. MARC DUCRET (GUITAR) is quite simply his oblique and angular lines contain a harmonic specificity that identifies him from the first few notes. TIM BERNE completes the picture, combining a cerebral approach with a more rooted and visceral underpinning. Producer DAVID TORN'S subtle electronic modifications give the music a spread, dynamism and, in the case of 'Emportez-moi,' ethereal tinge. Torn's contribution to Souls Saved Hear is almost equal to that of the performers. Sound bite: the music of Big Satan, much like that of science friction (which adds keyboardist Craig Taborn to the core Big Satan unit), and other Berne projects, is not for the faint-at-heart. There is little convention to hang onto, and listeners have to be prepared to be taken on a journey that is more than a little strange, but somehow boldly compelling. Souls saved hear is a bold work that asserts not only Berne's distinct compositional voice, but the imagination and unique musical vernacular of all involved'
"Not for faint-hearts maybe, but one of the tightest and most focused of Tim Berne's recent releases"
John Fordham, Guardian