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Matthew Shipp - Hahmony and Abyss
CD Album
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Matthew Shipp

Hahmony and Abyss

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 15th November 2004 | 10 track pop album
'Harmony and Abyss' is the next phase in a journey of discovery, a period of creative rebirth from an epic career that has already spanned more than two decades. Matthew Shipp's alliance with Thirsty Ear's Blue Series has been an evolutional odyssey, a period of great growth and innovation. With his latest effort Shipp has truly perfected his own style, drawing effortlessly from free jazz, hiphop, electronica and modern classical. From Boards of Canada-esque pastoral electronics to blazing and phenomenally tight free improvisation, Shipp has composed with the touch of a master, seamlessly melding the spontaneously free with the perfectionist's love of the studio. Even those who thought that his last release 'Equilibrium' was as far as Shipp could go will be more than pleasantly surprised.'
"Shipp presides over a futuristic jazz world that refuses to recognize boundaries of style, instrumentation or tradition"
Chicago Tribune
" The Blue Series is discussed in the Outside In column"
"a cerebral collection of tracks that are as hip as they are hypnotic"
Philadelphia Weekly