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Yohimbe Brothers

The Remixes

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 18th April 2005 | 4 track ep
This 12' is taken from the album 'The Tao of Yo' the Yohimbe Brothers second record together. Clearly,the partnership of Vernon Reid and DJ Logic has evolved into an assault of sounds and styles that defy genre. They have crafted a musical tour de force, employing guitar and DJ work into a cohesive and monumental package of riffs and beats. Combining the stellar production values of DJ Logic and GoodandEvil, The Remixes is a laser sharp retooling of the original, with a slightly different flavor. Its sure to shake the dancefloor with a sound and sensibility rarely heard. Changing gears No Pistolas features a laid back latin groove complimented by electronics and a modern groove. HDTV is another version of the hard-as-nails rap, TV. Thirty Spokes is a melancholy piece featuring Vernon playing masterfully on acoustic whether winding up or down the evening, this twelve inch is the potion for any time, place or experience.'