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Mike Ladd - Shake It

Mike Ladd

Shake It

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 4th April 2005 | 2 track single
Mike Ladd is regarded as one of the urban worlds most creative and diverse entities. Charting a strangely macabre, yet familiar territory, he has once again sculpted a truly entrancing Mike Ladd is a man who needs little introduction, a cutting edge producer working under aliases like The Majesticons and The Infesticons, Ladd is regarded as one of the urban worlds most creative and diverse entities. This is the first single taken from his new album Negrophilia, to create the album, he has enlisted the help of Guillermo E. Brown who handles the drums and co-production and pianist Vijay Iyer returns to work with Ladd after last year's critically acclaimed release In What Language... The title comes from the French word 'negrophilie', meaning a love for black culture. Ladd's album is a tribute to Petrine Archer-Straw's book, Negrophilia, a book tracing the avant-garde Parisian art scene in the 20's and how it was the first to co-opt black culture to promote it's ideas about modernity. Ladd drew inspiration from this book, looking at the highs and lows of these culture fusions, the connection between people coming together and the positive and negative results. What emerges is a low down, but high-minded sound excursion. Melding natural and synthetic sound, this album engages the listener with the urgency of futurism, while also hearkening to a not-too distant past. This single is very much a taster of the direction Negrophilia takes, it's Ladd pushing the boundaries creatively seeing how far he can go cutting new music into machines to produce his hybrid sound.'