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William Parker - Lucs Lantern
CD Album
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William Parker

Lucs Lantern

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 25th April 2005 | 10 track pop album
'Those in the music business say this music can only be so successful. I say there is no limit to what we can do for each other as human beings.' - William Parker William Parker is widely acknowledged as one of the most important voices in jazz today. The Double Bassist is one of the most extraordinary musicians alive, a bedrock of the New York avant-garde scene he provides the awesome pulse and rhythmic drive for the bands of David S. Ware and Matthew Shipp. He also leads his own groups including the large scale Little Huey Collective Orchestra, the co-led Other Dimensions In Music and a duo with drummer Hamid Drake. Other recent groups have seen him work with soul singer Leena Conquest and violinist Billy Bang. Luc's Lantern Launches a new trio - female pianist Eri Yamamoto and drummer Michael Thompson. It is a gentle, highly melodic affair in which Parker creates a collage of images and wordless poetry and is dare we say it probably his most accessible recording to date. Parker has often spoken about perceiving his music in colours and tones and has a deeply spiritual and humanist approach to his playing which brings a real depth to his music. He writes: 'it is the role of the artist to incite political, social, and spiritual revolution, to awaken us from our sleep and never let us forget our obligations as human beings, to light the fire of human compassion. Sounds that enlighten are infinite. We can put no limit to joy, or on our capacity for love.' Don't miss the release of one of the most distinctive and distinguished jazz albums of 2005! William Parker has been voted the TOP JAZZ MUSICIAN OF 2004 by Musica Jazz (ITALY) Other William Parker albums on Thirsty Ear: Painters Spring [THI570882]; Raining on the Moon [THI571192]; ScrapBook [THI571332]'
"?They maintain a fabulously unresolved tension in the midst of a high-energy improvisation. They listen to each other intently and create something special in the spaces."
Sunday Times
"the prolific bassist could see a dozen albums released this year, but its hard to imagine any will be as perfectly poised or emotionally satisfying as this"
Time Out Chicago
"'Luc's Lantern shines a light on William Parker's versatility and uncanny taste, revealing an eminently listenable gem"
AllAboutJazz LA
"swinging and melodious"
"a thoroughly refreshing jazz piano trio"
Jazz Review