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Meat Beat Manifesto - At The Center
CD Album
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Meat Beat Manifesto

At The Center

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 14th November 2005 | 12 track pop album
Jack Dangers is the veteran composer and sound sculptor behind Meat Beat Manifesto. His constantly evolving musical invention has generated a long string of futuristic classics, 'God O.D.', 'Strap Down', 'Psyche Out', 'Helter Skelter', 'Radio Babylon', 'Edge of No Control' and 'It's the Music'. The single, 'Prime Audio Soup' from the MBM album Actual Sounds and Voices, was featured in the sci-fi fantasy blockbuster, The Matrix and on its platinum-selling soundtrack. An acknowledged innovator in the electronic music scene, Jack Dangers continues to stretch sonic boundaries and influence new generations of sound activists. As a premiere remixer, producer and sound designer, he has played a seminal role in defining tomorrows? music today. Past Dangers? production/remixing projects include: Public Enemy, David Bowie, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Bush, Depeche Mode, Tower of Power, Banco de Gaia and DJ Wally.'
"Tahoe Mountain News- a sublime marriage between the warm instrumentation of modern jazz and the computer precision of the electronica arsenal"
Tahoe Mountain News PRESS
"Without MBM?s groundbreaking amalgams of hip-hop and industrial dance music, modern dance music genres such as Big Beat and Drum & Bass wouldn?t of Britain?s most inventive practitioners of sampladelic funk."
"A true innovator, MBM main man Jack Dangers helped lay down the rules for dub-inflected electronica, throwing down heavy breaks atop challenging experimental sound"
"The sounds of futuristic riddims that both predate electronic genre nicknames and mock their ideals; one that may be defined purely by its sphere of influence on modern music?"
The Urb
"Without Meat Beat Manifesto, there'd be no Chemical Brothers..."
"Intriguing and intimidating?Dangers? cultural osterizing evolves to the nth degree of studio sophistication..."
"A diverting listen with pleanty to admire?he is after all an unsung hero."
"captivating and complex, sensual and sinister, At the Center is another jewel in Thirsty Ear's jazztronica crown"
Jazz Times
"a fluid collection of groove based pieces"
The Wire
"as close to beatnik-era soundtrack jazz as they are to current techno.*** stars"
The Guardian
"Intriguing as it drops textures and heavy grooves like ink into a glass of water"