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Carl Hancock Rux - Good Bread Alley
CD Album
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Carl Hancock Rux

Good Bread Alley

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 2nd October 2006 | 11 track pop album
The sound of Rux's Good Bread Alley features a scaled down sound of live acoustic piano, upright bass, and drums. It's blue-scape brings to mind Son House, Bob Dylan, Nico & The Velvet Underground, as well as the souther fried soul of Bill Withers. If Rux's previous efforts left music critics aesthetically pleased yet full of questions like is it Hip Hop? R&B? Electrionica? Spoek Word? Nu Soul? Good Bread Alley takes a simpler, less cluttered approach to the artists, often difficult to categorize music. With ten tracks of haunting melodies, beautiful lyrics and Rux's signature lush hypnotic baritone - often described as a powerful vocal artistry somewhere between Hendrix, Scott-Heronand Jim Morrison - a voice capable of transfixing or lulling you to sleep. Good Bread Allery Feautres collaborations with Vernon Reid (Lies) Ocean's 11 DJ David Holmes (Living Room) also features a stellar Bill Withers Cover (I Can't Write Left Handed)'
"Carl Hancock Rux declaims vivid texts in a half-spoken, half-sung baritone somewhere between Scott Walker and Gil Scott Heron. The musical settings shoot off in half a dozen different musical directions, depending on the inclinations of his collaborator, or the sample or loop used as the germ of each idea. Rux works in the manner of a rapper but the result is somehow fresher than much rap, and less self-regarding."
The Guardian
"If Jim Morrison and Gil-Scott Heron were able to have a son, his name would be Carl Hancock Rux. Part preacherman, part poet, Rux infuses his lyrics-delivered in spoken format - with offbeat statements and a psychedelic sound; an experimental mix of roc, drum n' bass, soul music, hip hop, freestyle jazz and funk."
Time Out NYC