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The Free Zen Society - The Free Zen Society
CD Album
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The Free Zen Society

The Free Zen Society

Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 19th March 2007 | 8 track pop album
The Free Zen Society rose out of the ashes of a somewhat mystical recording session at the appropriately named studio, Sorcerer Sound. Under the direction of Peter Gordon, founder of Thirsty Ear and executive producer of the Blue Series, three highly combustible new music players gathered to generate source material with nothing more than a few graphic indicators that had been discussed between Peter Gordon and Matthew Shipp. However, what was not typical was the turn of events which de-rooted the normally multifaceted players. Fire and brimstone was replaced by passion and composure. Melodies sprinkled through the air with effortless waves of expression. That was the year 2003. The recording sat for two years before anyone had a sense of what to do with it. Re-enter Peter Gordon. Slowly over time, he shaped, cajoled, and massaged what was captured that day into a larger atmospheric soundscape, completing the unknown mission Shipp/Parker/Parkins were embarking on. It was about the formation of the Free Zen Society, a project where nothingness is everythingness.