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Matthew Shipp - 4D
CD Album
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Matthew Shipp


Thirsty Ear Recordings

Released: 1st March 2010 | 16 track crossover jazz album
Matthew Shipp's new solo piano cd, 4D is the complete synthesis and culmination of all of his past Thirsty Ear releases, with the added wrinkle of standards re-interpreted as only he could create, while combining his own brand of compositions to the mix. Mr. Shipp's musical language, having been refined an mutated, as his career, has continued to grow at exponential rates, allowing him to fully explore the hidden aspects of jazz. He is an innovator of the highest level on his instrument, and offers his presentations with a poet's touch, adding lyricism and voice to his playing, without words. In his own determination to explain his musical inclinations, he likens his approach to that of peering into the piano as a starship in it's relation to psychic space. But it's something more to be felt than to be understood. The end result of this recording is a 4th dimensional sonic tapestry that fills space, but with precise contours and unpredictable sequences, adding and linking together like audible pieces in a diabolically devised puzzle. In Essence, this serves as a supposition of what exists in the fourth dimension, expressed through the dimension of sound.