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Jack Dixon - Edge Of The Universe EP
12" Vinyl
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Jack Dixon

Edge Of The Universe EP

Tender Hooks

Released: 12th August 2013 | 3 track house single

For the debut release on the newly-minted London label Tender Hooks, Jack Dixon delivers an edgy three track EP of shimmering techno, pounding house music and tangled electronics. Over the last few years he has risen through the ranks with landmark releases for the likes of Hotflush, Apollo (R&S), and most recently Get Physical with his arresting remix of Catz 'n Dogz recent smash 'They Frontin'.

Dixon cites Tim Hecker, Autechre and Wolfgang Voigt as influences and this EP is as equally diverse.

We begin with 'Edge Of The Universe', an enigmatic techno experiment. Tight hats and snare work give it an almost jackin' feel whilst subtle bumping subs and cryptic vocal chops decorate throughout. 'No One Is Watching' is a whole different beast. It's brazen and angular, holding the UK underground close to its chest with a saturated chunky bass line that wavers and pounds around chords and choppy vocal cuts. Filippo's Head Injury rounds off the EP, and here we sink into Dixon's trademark melodious tendencies. The track is rich, emotional electronic music with a solid dancefloor backbone. BoC-esque synths permeate the swathes of vocal nuances; a track equally at home on the floor as it is in your front room.

Tender Hooks is a brand new vinyl and digital label formed through a mutual love of electronica and its profusion of sub-genres. It is also a bi-monthly(ish) party residing at Corsica Studios in South London.

The debut Tender Hooks release will be available as a limited-press vinyl with full artwork by Kano.

"Really great release you have here! Filippos Head Injury is fantastic - Ive listened a few times in a row to it now haha."
Axel Boman, Pampa / Studio Barnhus
"Brilliant as always from Dixon, digging all 3"
Nick Warren, Global Underground Ltd. / Hope
"Big fan of Jack Dixon!"
Matt Tolfrey, Leftroom Records
"Good look on the first release...Top stuff!"
Hxdb, Surefire Sound
"Congrats on the new label. Filippo's Head Injury is the standout track in this package, in my opinion."
Darin Epsilon, Perspectives Digital
"Absolutely loving this!!! Particularly, 'Filippo's Head Injury' & 'No One is Watching"
James Zabeila, Born Electric