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Tom Rosenthal - Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop

Tom Rosenthal

Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop

Tinpot Records

Released: 10th October 2011 | 11 track new folk album
It's fair to say that Tom Rosenthal isn't your average songwriter. The first song he ever wrote, an xmas song, went to the top of the HMV Download charts in 2007. Since then he has written and performed song-based art installations at the Barbican, become the first man to sing a song on The Jeremy Kyle Show, and most importantly, penned his debut studio album. According to The Guardian Newspaper, Rosenthal 'manages to be contemporary and timeless, as well as intimate on several levels'. Written and recorded over a three year period 'Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop' comprises of eleven unique folk songs for the modern era. The eclectic subject matter varies from from an epic fairytale about a boy's friendship with a mythical beast to a song about one man's struggle with Tuna fish. Musically, Rosenthal provides us with a whirlwind of emotions with a heady mixture of gentle, driving, upbeat, and pensive tracks. As a music magazine recently noted - 'with such an idiosyncratic repertoire it's hard to compare him to anyone'.