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Tipper - Tip Hop
CD Album
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Tip Hop

Tipper Music

Released: 10th July 2006 | 21 track pop album
A prodigy of electronic sound, signed at only 18 years old, Tipper has been hailed as one of the most powerful, and pioneering breakbeat producers. His music has found favor from TV entities such as National Geographic Channel, and Jackass! Everything he required to survive was in his suitcase, and with nothing to tie him to his old flat and studio in London he moved out, and tied up loose ends; thus beginning a nomadic existence (technically homeless) without pause for two years. It wasn't long before Tipper founded his own label (aptly called 'Tippermusic') and 'Tip Hop' was released in June 2005 with little or no distribution; albeit to heavy acclaim from the fans and promoters who had danced to those tracks the previous two years. December 2005 saw the limited release of 'Relish The Trough' with a new distribution system to massive acclaim. DJ's from Japan to Australia to Hungary proclaim it as 'forward thinking' etc. Tipper completes a mini tour of Europe taking in Budapest, Brussels, and headlining the main room @ Fabric in London. Tipper's a proven pioneer, with his production and performance techniques placing him securely amongst the electronic music elite. Visit for more info.'