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Tone Control - Can't You Feel It

Tone Control

Can't You Feel It

Tone Control

Released: 24th September 2007 | 5 track house ep
Following in a similar vein to their release with DJ Freestyle on Grab, this new digital release from Tone Control features remixes from Joe Silva (Nordic Trax, Red Melon, Viva! etc), Aaron Roberts (Grab, Photo etc) and NuTown Project (New Era, Re:code etc) and has already received some plays by JT Donaldson and Demarkus Lewis on test! Confirmed plays on Handzon Radio, Sound Control, Pressureradio, Ibiza Radio - 95.2 FM, Teklab.FM, Antenna Sounds Japan, SS Radio - London, 105 In Da Klubb - Milan (Italy), UniverDance - Las Palmas (Spain), PUSH FM - London (UK). Varied DJ support far and wide plus reviews in One Week to Live etc. Enjoy!