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Nubian Mindz - Take It Back EP
12" Vinyl
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Nubian Mindz

Take It Back EP


Released: 20th May 2013 | 3 track techno ep

Teng Records returns this May with its sixth release, entitled, 'Take It Back', by British producer

Nubian Mindz, comprising three original cuts of raw, gritty deepness.

Nubian Mindz aka Colin Lindo, has produced a wide array of sounds for the likes of Rush Hour, Delsin and

Archive since the late 90's, delivering broken-beat, drum and bass, electronica, house and techno tracks,

always of uncompromising quality. Here Lindo joins Nick Woolfson's fledgling Teng imprint, alongside the likes

of Neville Watson and Matthias Vogt.

The release kicks off with 'Let Me Up', embracing a hooky, chord-driven vibe, with a dusty piano stab, subby

bass tones and dubbed out synth hits driving the melodic movement. While splashy hi-hats, rolling drums and

sampled vocal lines build the weighty foundation. The groove maintains its loopy feel throughout the tracks six

and half minute duration, with subtle evolvements keeping things enticing. Next up is 'Take It Back', which

sees Lindo take things deeper, with beautiful, warbling Rhodes melodies, off-kilter crunchy drums and hi

pitched, rhythm and blues style vocal lines, resulting in something unique and forward thinking.

Flipping over to the b-side we have 'Only Lover', a ten-minute, heady house record that slowly blooms with

organic drums, cosseting pad lines and a profound depth instilled in the depths of the background, achieved

through swirling electronic tones, drawn out delays on vocal snippets and bursts of reverb on the percussive

elements. The track develops to a focal point, which sees things stripped back to a raw drum and bass

focused state to tail out the rest of the track.

Hun Choi, Hunee (Permanent Vacation/Internasjonal
"Let me Up is my fav But the others 2 are FAB!"
Severino Panzetta, Horse Meat Disco
"Only Lover and Let Me Up are heavy."
Craig Smith, 6th Borough Project
"fantastic ep by NM! Let me up is ace. brings back memories of the glory west london broken beats days.... cheers johannes"
Johannes Paluka, ron Curtis (Mule Musiq/Morris Audio)
"liking only lover the mostest"
Harri, Sub Club
"Yes, dope EP! All 3 tracks are top notch :)"
Ali Herron, Ooft
"Colin is hitting a major stride at the minute. More under stated but powerful lessons in House."
Neville Watson, Clone / Creme
"Really liking this. Only Lover is the one for me here."
Benjamin, Semtek (Don't Be Afraid)
"Quintessentials / Philpot"
Roman Rauch, Quintessentials / Philpot
"Always a fan of Nubian Mindz! Lovely to hear some new stuff and Let Me Up and Take It Back are especially excellent. nice release."
Jamie Odell, Jimpster (Freerange)