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Blured - Life And Bad Girls
12" Vinyl
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Life And Bad Girls


Released: 2nd September 2013 | 2 track techno single

Ahead of the Bluredism full length LP, 'Beautiful Ugly Collection', set to drop via Teng in October, Blured delivers the 'Life & Bad Girls' single this September, comprising two original house cuts.

Cardiff based producer, Bradley Albertides, releases music under the titles Blured and Bluredism, delivering forward-thinking house and techno, full of grit and delicate intricacies. Although Albertides is in the early stages of his career, early support has already come from heavy hitters like Martyn, Ryan Elliot and Luv Jam.

The release opens with title track 'Life & Bad Girls', a dance-floor orientated house track employing hooky organ stabs, cosseting pads and call and response vocal snippets. Blured plays on subtle nuances to these fundamental elements throughout the tracks seven-minute duration to create an hypnotic, peak-time record.

On the flip to close the single is, 'It's How The World Goes', a beautifully contrasting track and stunning b-side material, blured opts for sensual Rhodes chords, punchy drums and earth-shattering subby tones as the driving force. Emotive, original vocals add a unique character to the track, while melodic progressions and additional percussion lines add a further intrigue to the composition.

Teng offer up more intelligently crafted music again here, this is a striking indication of what to expect rom the Bluredism LP to follow, Blured's 'Life & Bad Girls' EP is out on Teng 2nd September (Vinyl) and 23rd September (Digital) 2013.

"really groovy dirty and melodic house music, loving both tunes."
"Oh you guys wanna get ugly on some shitttt! DOPE!"
Ricardo Miranda, Rush Hour
"dark. grim. badass."
Maarten & Lars, Detroit Swindle
"Raw stuff. Feel it."
MANIK, Ovum / Culprit
"Both cuts dope!"
Craig Smith, 6th Borough Project
"Its How The World Goes is dope :)"
Ali Herron, Ooft
"Life & Bad Girls Is Ace! THX"
Nathan G, Large Music
"dope ! both tracks !!"
Erik Rug, Rex Club
"Its how the world goes !!! cheers p"
Pawas, Fear of Flying / Sudden Drop
"Both cuts dope!"
Craig Smith, 6th Borough Project