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Akra - Los Peros EP
12" Vinyl
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Los Peros EP


Released: 9th June 2014 | 3 track techno ep

This June will see Teng label-head Nick Woolfson aka AKRA make a triumphant return to his

imprint, with a three track single entitled the 'Los Peros' EP.

Nick Woolfson initially rose to fame via his collaborative work with Duncan Stump as Mock & Toof

among other aliases, though the past two years have seen Woolfson explore a new venture, namely

AKRA. This new material has predominantly been released via his own Teng imprint where he returns

here, a label, which since its inception has seen tracks released from the likes of Neville Watson,

Nubian Mindz, Paul Mac and Louis Guilliaume.

Title cut 'Los Peros' kicks off the EP, a brooding, stripped-back number led by growling saw-wave

bass tones, an understated percussive movement and smooth Rhodes chords. Woolfson introduces

intricate nuances in the groove and subtle progressions in the elements over the tracks six and a half

minute duration to create a gritty and intriguing composition.

'Cairns' follows, staying on a similar tip with penetrating bass sounds acting as the driving force,

although AKRA instills some additional musicality this time by fusing ethereal pad lines, dreamy

arpeggiated sounds and an amalgamation of ethnic vocal samples, again resulting in an intelligent

slice of contemporary electronic music.

The release is then rounded off with 'Walk Don't Walk', a classy closing cut which delves into deeper

realms, this time tipping the focus towards mellow, dusty atmospherics, a hypnotic acid hook and

glitchy resonant synth sounds. While the raw organic percussion and weighty rhythms drive the


"Very interesting and moody vibes on this release, should do well for me. Will play for sure."
Francois Kevorkian, Wave
"Proper undergound made productions here. I really liked the Mock & Toof releases so best of luck with the solo stuff here now as AKRA. Thx"
Nathan G, Large Music
"loved mock n Toof, great to see a new project from Nick fresh sounds indeed"
Ralph Lawson, 20:20 Vision / Back 2 Basics / 20:20 Soundsystem
"fantastic release. love Walk Dont Walk."
Isaac Tichauer, French Express
"really like Los Peros + Don't Walk is jolly good too."
Ewan Pearson, Soma
"Los Peros ! YES !"
Jennifer Cardini, Crosstown Rebels / Dirt Crew / Correspondent
"Los Peros is excellent, thanks, SLOK"
Alessandro Russo, Slok (Saw / Get Physical
"Walk dont walk got a great sound"
Severino Panzetta, Horse Meat Disco
"good to see this gem being released. los peros - killertrack!"
Matthias Vogt, Motorcitysoul
Gwen Maze, Supernature