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Fila Brazillia - Jump Leads
CD Album
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Fila Brazillia

Jump Leads


Released: 21st April 2008 | 11 track leftfield/idm album
Eighth studio album from the Fila boys, regarded by some as one of their finest. Jump Leads contains a wonderful array of styles and flavours from soul and funk to techno and Latin leaving them virtually impossible to pigeonhole and cements their position at the head of the downtempo movement. There are tracks that include vocals by Steve Edwards, vocals by Oumou Sangare and percussion by Aaron Gammon. There's enough here for everyone - there's world-fusion on Mother Nature's Spies, more familiar FB guitar-electronica melting pot stuff on the cute DNA, Latinised trumpeting on It's A Knockout and Motown Coppers is souped-up Shaft - served up electrofunk stylee, as they say in some parts. (Dick Witty - BBC Collective)
"A pre-cursor to downbeat and trip hop, Fila Brazillia explored organic instrumentation and electronic sensibility arriving logically at 'Jump Leads'."
BigBaer, Urban Alternative Music
"Just what do those weird and wonderful track titles mean? Who cares - indeed, it's the music which speaks volumes."
Dick Witty, BBC Collective