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Yann Novak - The Future Is a Forward Escape into the Past
CD Album

Yann Novak

The Future Is a Forward Escape into the Past


Released: 23rd February 2018 | 4 track ambient album

Yann Novak is an artist, composer, and curator based in Los Angeles. His work is guided by his interests in perception, context, movement, and the felt presence of direct experience. Through the use of sound and light, Novak explores how these intangible materials can act as catalysts to focus our awareness on our present location in space and time. Novak's diverse body of works – audiovisual installations, performances, architectural interventions, sound diffusions, recording, and prints – ask participants to reclaim the present moment as a political act.

His album Ornamentation was released by Touch in 2016. He also runs his own label, Dragon's Eye Recordings.

In March 2018, Yann will be touring Europe, including dates in London, Berlin and others.

"Novak has crafted another sublime field of drones that I highly recommend."
Matt Mercer, Ear Influxion