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OZMOTIC - Elusive Balance
CD Album


Elusive Balance


Released: 6th July 2018 | 7 track ambient album

OZMOTIC is a multidisciplinary artistic project, deeply fascinated by the dynamics of contemporary society, by architecture, cities and vast uncontaminated spaces.

OZMOTIC creates world sounds characterizedby an intense tonal variety and a refinedrhythmic research. The interaction between electronic music and digital visual art in

real time is an essential trait of OZMOTIC's aesthetic.

Having previously collaborated with Fennesz, Murcof, Bretschnider and Senking, Elusive Balance is their third album, followingAirEffect in 2015, and Liquid Times in

2016 (both for FolkWisdom). OZMOTIC now release their debut album for Touch.


Elusive Balance explores the relationship between humans and nature, as well as the search for balance between these two great entities.

The theme of equilibrium and its precariousness, and its natural tendency to achieve relative stability connects all living things. Equilibrium is also a junction point and evolutionary engine – unstable and elusive, ready to deteriorate and to start a new reaction mechanism bringing organisms to a new harmony.