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Fila Brazillia - The Life and Times of Phoebus Brumal

Fila Brazillia

The Life and Times of Phoebus Brumal


Released: 21st April 2008 | 14 track downtempo album
The Fila's are some sort of a miracle. It's hard to comprehend where those mega-producers get their ideas from - I mean they throw their stuff at the masses as if it's lying in their backyard. Yet every release is full of twists and turns that sound fresh and new and in a way unheard before. 'Pheobus' is another masterpiece... ...although it had to grow on me. At first I expected it to be a bit laid back. Well, although it's definitely downbeat it's not dozy a la K&D. Hanging out somewhere, resting your limbs, listening to some meditative beats - forget it! This album will have you on your feet flippin' away! Especially the first third of the album is devoted to fat drums and screaming guitars with 'Blowhole' being some sort of a climax. After that it goes into smoother waters... My personal favourites are the pieces with blaring brass (namely 'Thatched Neon' and the ambient smasher 'Uberboff'). 'Madam Levefre' is one of the funkiest pieces of music I've heard this year. Anyway, a great album. Again. Buy! Monsieur Le Fevre (Dunedin, NZ)- Amazon
"Just when you think they’re at the top of their game, the amazing duo come out with new original sounding tracks that surpass their previous releases."
Darrell L. Lee, Amazon
"This is Fila Brazillia we are talking about here and the quality of each track is brilliant."
Tintin00, Amazon