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Fila Brazillia - Dicks
CD Album
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Fila Brazillia



Released: 21st April 2008 | 23 track pop album
This, if we disregard the Retrospective compilation of 2006, is the final album by Fila Brazillia - and it is another masterpiece, a funked-up music for films kind of album. If you want imagination in your music this is where it resides. Dicks is the disc to be played after you've danced your brains out and want to chill without falling asleep... Artwork: The Designers Republic
"So damn fresh, so damn funky, so damn trippy! This Fila album grows on me like a sneaking, snaking vine every time I listen to it. "
MaDMvD, Discogs
"Music for Mensa intellects - listen to the finely woven layers of bittersweet sounds!"
MaDMvD, Discogs
"If searching for lost imagination in fine electronic music, buy this album."
Beebog, Amazon
"State of the art in electronic music."
Beebog, Amazon