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Robert Hampson - Vectors
CD Album

Robert Hampson



Released: 1st June 2009 | 3 track musique concrete single
Robert Hampson (UK b.1965) is the founding member of the bands Loop (1985-90) and Main (1990-6). After the demise of Loop, Hampson formed Main with fellow guitarist Scott Dowson, who had become a member of Loop around the time of their final album - A Gilded Eternity. The intrinsic soundscapes of Main began with taking the iconic status of the guitar and then trying to reconstruct it, stripping away at the normal methods of it's sound reproduction or style of playing. However, the more Main progressed, the more the guitar dissolved, eventually becoming mere skeletal frames to hang more composed forms around by the time. Dowson decided to leave in 1996. Hampson then abandoned the alias of Main, namely because of listeners' stubborn refusal to understand that the guitar was well and truly forgotten and had no place in his music anymore. Even now, the ugly spectre of the instrument's status still is the most talked about, even though it has not featured on anything Hampson has done for almost 10 years. He now composes and performs under his own name. The music on his debut recording for Touch features 2 channel stereo versions of three Acousmatic compositions that have been commissioned two by Le Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) and one by the audio arts label Vibro, both based in Paris, where Robert now lives.