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Fennesz - Black Sea
Vinyl LP
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Black Sea


Released: 15th December 2008 | 6 track pop ep
Christian Fennesz used acoustic and electric guitars, synths, electronics, lloopp and computers All tracks composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Christian Fennesz at amann studios, Vienna and C-street, Paris except Glide which was composed and performed by Rosy Parlane and Christian Fennesz (recorded live in Paris and then edited and mixed at amman studios). Black Sea is Fennesz's 4th solo album for touch and his first since Venice in 2004.
"Fennesz's trademark melodies, when they rise out of the fug of feedback, particularly on Glide, a hypnotic duet with New Zealander Rosy Parlane, and the languid closing Saffron Revolution, are simply exquisite."
Neil Gardner, Rock Sound
"with Black Sea, the spectral colours have become submerged beneath a dark cloud of MBV drone, blues chords and distant, decaying strings. The sun's gone out and here is the soundtrack to our long, dark financial winter."
Andrew Male, Mojo
" Black Sea is sumptuous blend of meticulously poised eloquence and beauty? Whether steering great swathes of shoegazer ambience, connecting delicate lattice-threads of sound or obscuring the horizon with breathtaking orchestral vistas, Fennesz has once again proved himself an undisputed master of his art."
Andrew Carson, Rock A Rolla
"Black Sea is quite impossibly beautiful, so subtle and languorous are its shifts in dynamics, texture and tone, treated guitars and prepared piano underlinign its magnificent, varied moodiness"
Sharon O'Connell, Time Out