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Burkhard Stangl - Unfinished. For William Turner, Painter.
CD Album

Burkhard Stangl

Unfinished. For William Turner, Painter.


Released: 14th October 2013 | 3 track 20th/21st century album

*1960, composer/performer, guitar, electronic devices

works in the field of non-ideomatic improvisation, electronica and contemporary classical. studies: classical guitar; electric guitar (autodidacted); cultural anthropology, musicology (thesis about the effects of the phonograph on cultural anthropology [book: Ethnologie im Ohr]). long term guitar-player at Franz Koglmann's projects (Monoblue Quartet, Pipetet); founder of the ensembles Ton.Art (advanced jazz /1985-1995), Maxixe (new music chamber ensemble / 1991 ff.) and Extended Heritage (Butcher/Castelló/Dieb13/Reiter/Roisz/Stangl /2006); member of polwechsel (1993-2004), efzeg and the year of.

Burkhard Stangl has been collaborating with Fennesz for many years. They first met at musicology and ethnology courses and lectures at the University of Vienna in the 1980s. In 2000, they composed, arranged and recorded music for several Gustav Deutsch films (Film ist. 7-12.; Welt.Spiegel.Kino; Film ist: a girl and a gun) and they released Polwechsel Fennesz on erstwhile records in 2002. Stangl also contributed to Fennesz's 'Venice' in 2004 ('Circassian' and 'Laguna', Touch # TO: 53) which lead to his first direct contact with Touch. On this album, track 2 was recorded live at Amann Studios and took one take. Fennesz also premastered the entire album, before it was sent to Denis Blackham at Skye for mastering.