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BJNilsen - Live At Konzerthaus
CD Album
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Live At Konzerthaus


Released: 12th April 2004 | 1 track electronic single
Christian Fennesz has started curating a series of events at the Vienna Opera House Konzerthaus as part of the 'generator' series of live performances held there each month. Swedish sound artist Nilsen performed at the Touch event alongside and Philip Jeck. This is a recording of this Live set and is the 5th in the TO:CDR series. B.J NILSEN- LIVE AT KONZERHAUSE The single 38-minute piece begins outdoors, with field recordings of thunder folded in on themselves, so the crashes and sub-bass rumbles happen with man-made frequency. Gradually, an industrial palette rises and overtakes the natural sounds. This is fantastic on its own at high volume, when nothing else but its rapturous drones can be heard. High-end static starts to creep in around the 20-minute mark, and the music develops a disorienting, psychedelic swirl.'