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Todh Teri - Deep In India Vol.4
12" Vinyl

Todh Teri

Deep In India Vol.4

Todh Teri

Released: 14th September 2018 | 4 track nu-disco ep

International man of mystery Todh Teri is back on his mission of sneaking in acid tinged
Bollywood cuts at clubs & festivals globally (by sneaking into the record bags of
unsuspecting DJs & selectors worldwide).
With Volume 4 of Deep in India, he presents 4 new flavours with which he further cements
these intentions. First up, a big slice of Caribbean sunshine that's straight out of the silver
screen, which guarantees to energise dance floors of all sizes.
Next up - an updated classic disco anthem, for the Spanish hustlin' / bell bottom peddlin'
disco freak inside of you. Followed by oodles of dance floor intrigue & mystery, with a
rolling acid stomper that's best suited for dark warehouses & basements.
And finally, a slow burning slice of acid funk, chugging away on a bed of layered 303
basslines & suspense. With 4 new edits of various contrasts, Deep in India Volume 4 aims
to be 'that freaky record' in your record bag this season.