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Sex on Toast - Ready EP

Sex on Toast

Ready EP

Tonay Records

Released: 1st April 2016 | 5 track blue-eyed soul ep

There really, REALLY isn't anyone quite like the formidably talented, performatively irrepressible 10-piece that is Sex On Toast. They're fervidly dedicated to their craft. They're unconditionally vivacious. They're virtuosos of the tongue-in-cheek. And they're 'Ready' to unleash the goods once more.

It's a rare band that has the savvy to successfully combine retro production, tight 70s/60s inspired instrumentation, and lyrical commentary that bites harder than your Aunt's rabid chihuahua. And you'll want to listen again.

But Sex On Toast aren't content to leave it at that. Outrageous videos are fast becoming a band trademark - as anyone who's seen the clip for 'Oh Loretta!', featuring Molly Meldrum, can attest. The Tanzer-directed video for 'Doubt', with its use of soft-focus lens, Caddyshack-inspired mise en scene, and screwball exploration of male bravado, is every bit as waggish & winking as you'd expect.

'Ready' is the first EP but second release for Sex On Toast, who put out their self-titled debut LP in 2014. Produced by the band's frontman Angus Leslie & drummer Gareth Thomson and recorded at Tonay Studios the EP is a triumph of sleek pop savior faire, driven by the band's uncontainable effervescence.