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Sex on Toast - Party

Sex on Toast


Tonay Records

Released: 10th November 2017 | 1 track new jack single

After the release of their simmering winter slow jam 4U, Sex on Toast are ready for summer…and they are about to turn up the heat! Introducing the next phase in the Rough/Ready EP series, the new jack swing infused single, Party.

Taking inspiration from Bobby Brown, NPG-era Prince and Michael Jackson's Dangerous, Party throws these influences in a blender, bringing heavy metal guitars and Zappa-esque chaos to the mix. Party doesn't just start the party, it is the Party!

The second single from the long awaited Rough EP and already a live show favourite, Sex on Toast wanna unleash Party to the rest of the world. In 2017, Sex on Toast have toured far and wide, performing at NYE on the Hill, Jungle Love, Tasmania's A Festival Called Panama, sell out shows at Howler as well as astounding audiences at Fairbridge Folk Festival, Mullum & Queenscliff Music Festivals. Sex on Toast are back this summer, for a triumphant hometown show at Max Watt's, Friday December 8t with inimitable showstoppers Vaudeville Smash and the intricate electronics of Huntly. We're havin' a Party…and we only wanna party with


"Incredible musicianship, raw, nipple-in-s a-skivvy stroking sexuality, party jams, ‘80’s synth and sax…one of Melbourne’s freshest bands”"
Kate Kingsmill, Sydney Morning Herald