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Gavin Bryars/Philip Jeck/Alter Ego - The Sinking Of The Titanic (1969- )
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Gavin Bryars/Philip Jeck/Alter Ego

The Sinking Of The Titanic (1969- )


Released: 10th December 2007 | 1 track avant-garde single
This version of Gavin Bryars's seminal piece, The Sinking of the Titanic, was recorded at the 49th International Festival of Contemporary Music at The Venice Biennale on 1st October 2005 at the Teatro Maliban. The Sinking of the Titanic is an open semi-aleatoric work written in 1969. Bryars himself has developed versions of variable length (from 15 minutes to an hour) that have been performed in different contexts, both as sound installation and as a real concert work. The version proposed by Alter Ego and Gavin Bryars is an absolutely new approach for the project and for multimedia installation. Andrew Hooker's long video realised for this occasion goes with the performance through the minimum digital technology but achieves astonishing results that lose themselves in a long stream of memories. This is an another important aspect of our Titanic idea: one related to memory and to lifetime, to concreteness and abstraction meant as a metaphor for the journey between life and death, the ocean's surface and depth. The other important new figure in this version is Philip Jeck, one of the most important names on the experimental scene. Jeck uses his experience to cover the sound with a blanket of thin dust, which, at the same time, is memory, distance, hallucination, traveling, and anxiety. The dust which comes from the obsessive repetition of a short phrase, its melancholy, the memory¹s melancholy, is part of a harmony that Jeck shares with Bryars that succeeds, in a really extraordinary way, in freezing time in a 'waiting' dimension.
"...heart-achingly intimate and direct."
unknown, Dusted