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Hildur Gudnadottir - Mount A
CD Album
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Hildur Gudnadottir

Mount A


Released: 23rd August 2010 | 11 track solo instrumentalist album
This album was originally released by 12 Tonar in 2006 under the moniker Lost in Hildurness. The first solo recording from Hildur Gudnadottir (who is a member of the Nix Noltes band and has performed regularly with Mum and Pan Sonic). In her dreamy soundworld she plays the cello, gamba, zither, khuur and the gamelan so this cd sounds like nothing else. This is exciting, tranquil, and melancholic stuff and at times it makes you think of a lost place and times gone by - and the music has the power to take you there. Recording sessions took place both in New York and in a house in Holar, Iceland, specifically chosen for its good cello acoustics. It is strictly a solo album, Hildur has attempted to involve other people as little as I could. Like the cover art, it is personal and intimate. It has been called the perfect soundtrack to get lost in a forrest at night, but this version, mastered by Denis Blackham, sounds fresher and better than ever. Her latest solo album, the widely reviewed and highly acclaimed Without Sinking (Touch # TO:70, 2009) is still available from Touch. Photography & Design: Jon Wozencroft Mastered by Denis Blackham