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Fennesz & Sakamoto - Flumina
2 x CD Album
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2 x Digital

Fennesz & Sakamoto



Released: 5th December 2011 | 24 track experimental album
Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft
Mastered by Denis Blackham

Recorded at Amann Studios, Vienna and at KA+B Studios, NY and Japan.
Mixed at BA+B Studios, NY.

The 24 pieces of 'flumina' are based on piano compositions/improvisations which BAFTA, Grammy, Golden Globe & Academy Award winning composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto recorded whilst touring in Japan.

On that tour Ryuichi played a piano piece in a different key at the beginning of every show, always having a 'Fennesz Sakomoto' project in mind. After 24 shows he had 24 tracks in 24 different keys, covering all 24 tonal steps of the western tonal system. Sakamoto sent the tracks over to Christian Fennesz and he worked on them using electronics, guitars and synths. They met in New York then and mixed the album together with Fernando Aponte at KAB Studios.

This is their 3rd collaboration released on Touch, after the live recording of 'Sala Santa Cecilia' [Touch # Tone 22, 2005] and 'Cendre' [Touch # Tone 32, 2007].