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Thee Earls - Nine Days

Thee Earls

Nine Days

Transmitter Recordings

Released: 6th September 2010 | 9 track art & progressive rock album
For the past fifteen years Gez and Justin's careers have kept them at the forefront of Dance music's evolution.Gez Dewar gained his reputation as a studio wizard with releases as part of The Oval Five, Doi-oing & The Experiment & scoring top 40 hits as part of Heliotropic. Justin needs little introduction as an internationally renowned DJ and producer. He has toured the world as guitarist and lynchpin of Lionrock. Justin produced the acclaimed Revtone series of dance floor destroyers, that came out variously through Nuphonic and Bugged Out, captivating both the press and his peers alike. Name-checked as a major inspiration by the likes of Ulrich Schnauss and the Chemical Brothers, Justin's influence in the Dance scene can't be underestimated. In the past decade he has explored several avenues outside of dance realms. In 2004, he revealed his love for the likes of Nick Drake and Neil Young, with the release of 'Twisted & Torn' on Slut Smalls, and recently he released a single co-written with The Charlatans' Tim Burgess and production hero Rob Playford on his own Blister Ballads label. Thee Earls' pedigree is pure thoroughbred quality. With Justin, taking on the front-man role and Gez providing the original music, production prowess and live keyboards, the band also features some true heavyweights. Akasha's Charlie Casey graces guitar, Nick 'Avin It' Abnett, who has played with Sabres Of Paradise, The Aloof and Death In Vegas, provides the bass; with Simon Hanson, who has laid down grooves for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Liam Gallagher and Iggy Pop, filling the drummer's berth. Between the five of them, they have been involved in almost every single significant development in UK Dance music since the heady days of Acid House. Collectively, as Thee Earls, they have created 'Nine Days', an album that Gez and Justin readily describe as Art Rock. Wearing their influences loudly and proudly on their sleeves the album celebrates the music Thee Earls grew up with. The essence of David Bowie, Joy Division, The Fall, 'Sandinista' era Clash and A Certain Ratio distilled into nine superlative tracks. A musical link back to the early 80s, 'Nine Days' is a collage of influences; the eclecticism of John Peel's radio show, Factory Record's white-boy funk vibes and memories of Stockport town centre, all as viewed through a 21st Century lens.