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Willie West & The High Society Bros - Lesson of Love (Parts 1 & 2)
7" Vinyl
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Willie West & The High Society Bros

Lesson of Love (Parts 1 & 2)


Released: 8th November 2010 | 2 track single
Last year, Willie West & The High Society Brothers recorded their first single for Timmion Records, The Devil Gives Me Everything. Its aching, melancholic vocal delivery over a heavy downtempo rhythm section with bounding beats and punchy horns made an impact from the West Coast low-rider scene to the UK Deep-Soul circles and also turned the heads of the younger generation. Due to the surprising success of the first 7, Timmion Records pushed Willie & the band back to the studio to cut another 45. And here they are with their new 7 single entitled Lesson Of Love parts 1 & 2. This fresh waxing from the frozen North lays down a lilting midtempo groove with a tremendous Southern feel, as long-suffering Mr. West laments the conduct of a fickle female who's playing a wayward game with his heart. But although this Siren-like seductress blows hot and cold on the stormy seas of love, the Southside Brother stays cool, navigating a rock steady rap before riding out through a maelstrom of tremulous organ and surging horns with his head held high. The lesson of love has been learned.