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Guest Villains - Tornado / Forbidden Feeling
7" Vinyl
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Guest Villains

Tornado / Forbidden Feeling


Released: 14th March 2011 | 2 track retro soul single
Guest Villains is a wild instrumental combo consisting of sax, organ, guitar, bass, drums and percussions. Their sound is pure unadulterated sleaze! This single, their very first 7 release, is an essential piece of vinyl filth. Tornado is a frantic surf instrumental, complete with dirty lustful saxophone, twangy surf guitars and overly echoed percussion breaks. This ferocious shaker is stereotypical tittyshaker. It sounds like it could have been lifted straight out of a raunchy Russ Meyer flick, you can almost hear the swooshing pasties as they spin to this one! Forbidden Feelings contains a filthy saxophone melody that just oozes with the promise of sin, this one will get the windows steamed up for sure. The orgastic ending of the song makes you want to have more, more, more.. Super limited edition 7 vinyl!