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The Soul Investigators - Make It Mellow Parts 1 and 2
7" Vinyl
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The Soul Investigators

Make It Mellow Parts 1 and 2


Released: 6th June 2011 | 2 track funk single
Limited edition of 500 copies of 7 vinyl

The Soul Investigators is one of the most dynamic, talented and exiting group that has hit the new funk scene in the last 10 years. Their album Keep Reachin' Up is now regarded as a modern classic. Indicative of this is the fact that The Soul Investigators are regarded as trendsetters, both in music and dress. What The Soul Investigators do, others follow!

Listen to the terrific sounds that The Soul Investigators has put down on their reissue of an early 7 single release from a few years ago.

Make it Mellow part 1 & 2 is their nod to the classic Tighten Up.

This up-tempo pulsating groove is a moving experience that takes you through many moods and literally takes you of your seat..

The Soul Investigators are dynamite for your ear holes!!