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Honey B's - What Love Can Do / If You Didn't
7" Vinyl
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Honey B's

What Love Can Do / If You Didn't


Released: 17th October 2011 | 2 track soul single
Limited edition of 500 copies of 7 vinyl.

7 vinyl in deluxe sleeve + digital download coupon

Super sweet uptempo soul from the early 80's, fully licensed and repackaged by one of the best Soul labels in the world.

Originally The Honey B's of Tulsa, Oklahoma were a family band consisting of 4 sisters and a brother. Billie on drums, Bitsy on keyboards, Bambi on bass, Brandy on percussion and congas, and Baky on lead guitar. Everybody took part in the singing.

The inspiration for the group was their mother, a self taught pianist and singer, who performed locally as a gospel, blues and jazz artist. When her group would quit rehearsing, me, Billie and Bitsy would pick up the instruments and start playing around with them, trying to duplicate what we had just heard, Baky tells.

They started performing on various school talent shows as the Jones Children. The name Honey B's was proposed by their mother, when their father got the kids their first paying gig in 1968. In 1973 Bambi and Brandy were old enough to be included in the fold.

Their sole single If You Didn't b/w What Love Can Do was recorded in 1977 at Charity Studios, an 8 track facility in their hometown. Billie sings lead on If You Didn't and Brandy takes on the sublime What Love Can Do. The record was made to be handed out in their concerts for promotional purposes, and never saw proper distribution.

The main bread and butter for the B's was doing live shows, and Baky negotiated tight working schedules for the group. In 1978 Baky's wife Karen Ms. B Jones joined the group on vocals and under contract they toured extensively in Canada, and during the same year they accepted a 6 month engagement in Japan.

In 1982 the group recorded a self-titled album. For some reason, the album never saw a release in the US, but was licensed internationally in very odd circumstances.

The group continued working until the late 80's. On July 18, 2009, the Honey B's reunited and played their first show together in over 20 years and The gift, the magic and the FUNK was still there!