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The Soul Investigators - Creepin'
7" Vinyl
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The Soul Investigators



Released: 5th March 2012 | 2 track soul single

The Soul Investigators are Creepin' in to your ear holes!!! CREEPIN' part 1 & 2 is a combination of frantic hammond organ, garage-bound guitar licks, melancholic horns, crackling drums, primitive conga work and b-o-o-m-y bass...;and all of these fine ingredients are mashed together and recorded with a mono tape recorder to ensure your listening enjoyment.

The Soul Investigators are the # 1 group on scene today have been playing together for many years and have performed both live and in studio with many international stars such as: Nicole Willis, Big Joe Louis, Myron & E, Herb Johnson. But on this new single The Soul investigators are the shiniest stars and they take some time apart from their star vocalists and concentrate on messing it up in the recording studio and doing what they are best known for since they started their successful career music business.

CREEPIN' Part 1 & 2 is a natural HIT! You will love it! Buy this record, sit back, relax and enjoy...;Brought to you by Timmion Record Company.