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Castor Pollux & Soul Dpt - Gnaoua
7" Vinyl
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Castor Pollux & Soul Dpt


Tramp Records

Released: 17th January 2005 | 2 track single
A brand new combo out of munich playing afro-deep-funk! it is hard to describe their sound & style, but it is definately an interesting mixture of manu dibango meets james brown! watch out for further releases! Mighty herds of elephants, roaming the endless savannah, encounter the tactical prudence of the Lion (who is definitely not asleep tonight)! Wide open horn arrangements meet the clutching claw of gripping rhythms in the spacious compositions of The Soul Department. In the clash of harmony and the powerful rhythmic layers, the myth of Soul is coming alive; the endless pounding heart of all humans experiences the sole access to universal Soul Enlightenment. The Soul Department: the unit of the dancing souls.'