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Wake & Bake - Funky Blue Beard/Funky Pie
7" Vinyl
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Wake & Bake

Funky Blue Beard/Funky Pie

Tramp Records

Released: 10th September 2007 | 2 track single
Tramp Records presents the probably first funk 45 ever recorded in Russia. Who said Russian cuisine is all about caviar and vodka? Funk-minded gastronomists from the city of Saint-Petersburg are the source of meaty drum breaks and juicy grooves. They call themselves Wake&Bake !!! Creating Hot Plates From simple ingredients i.e. drums, percussions, bass, guitar and organ, adding exotic sitar notes to taste. Le plat du jour is Funkie Pie with Funky Blue Beard following on the flip, a musical variation of Gilles de Rais story I suppose? That's what you get with five chefs in the same kitchen.Bon appetite! The first tracks released from their session at the St. Petersburg Recording Studio. The band members are: Anton Shustrov - drums, Alexander Shtykov - bass, Stas Rybochkin - percussion, Ivan Kurzakov - guitar and Sasha Gonzo †organ plus special guest Alexander Konanchuk on sitar.