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The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova / Crosstown Traffic
7" Vinyl
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The Hi-Fly Orchestra

Soul Bossa Nova / Crosstown Traffic

Tramp Records

Released: 12th October 2009 | 2 track funk single
The Hi-Fly Orchestra (THFO) have already released two full-length albums and are amongst the few bands that carry on the sound and production style of the late 1960s. They have an infectious and heavy dance groove that always gets the crowd on the floor. The members of THFO play in several different combos, for example the blue-eyed-afro-soul band THE BOOGOOS as well as the Latin-Percussion ensemble CESAR'S SALAD. Soul Bossa Nova (Quincy Jones) 3:38 Surprisingly this Quincy Jones classic has not been covered that often. This effort from THFO is different as they used a completely different groove. Check it out - we promise you will be delighted to have this groover on a 7 single with a shorter edit of the album version. Crosstown Traffic (J.Hendrix) 3:25 Not many musicians have decided to chose this song to record a cover version. Especially for a Jazz band this is a strange choice, but if you know THFO it is no surprise that it worked out pretty well.